More Safety

Our collaborating specialists with their extensive reputation can increase on-board safety for you by offering:

  • MED certified bridge flooring. Made from Finish spruce plywood and impregnated with Preventor Antiflame that leaves no salts on the surface.
  • Safety glass with the exact qualities you’re looking for: fire resistant, sunproof, bulletproof, electrically heated or a combination of these. A privacy function is also an option: just press a button and the glass turns milky white and translucent to outside eyes;
  • Solutions for wall and ceiling systems and interior finishing, based on specialist non-combustible gypsum boards, with outstanding fire resisting qualities;
  • Floors, fabrics, insulation materials, wall and ceiling systems with fire resistant or fire-insulating qualities;
  • Special fire resistant glass for wheelhouse application, guaranteeing an exceptionally clear view, even under extreme differences in interior and exterior temperatures, while preventing misting, icing or snow on the surface.

Optimera Bridge flooring_greyClearView Wheelhouse windows