Raising the

standard at sea

More than ever, green shipbuilding is at the heart of everything we do.
Weight and energy efficiency are driving forces behind a more sustainable approach, yet never at the expense of comfort or safety. Performance and design define our choices, but always with cost in mind.

Saint-Gobain Marine brings together leading international brands to help build your maritime projects, from passenger ships to navy vessels and offshore installations. We all have a specific area of expertise based on years of sector experience, whether technical insulation, high-performance flooring solutions, high-performance glass, walls & ceilings, valve packages, or other special applications. 

We are all driven by a shared commitment to sustainability, innovation, reliable performance, and customer satisfaction

By joining forces, we provide a wide range of sustainable shipbuilding materials for different applications and develop complete solutions for your needs as a ship owner, naval architect, or shipyard. We always align with IMO regulations, while also shaping the practices of the future.

Because together we can build tomorrow’s vessels. Together we can raise the standard at sea.

Raising the standard at sea
Raising the standard at sea

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